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Each person has a story to tell. The fact that each person’s story is different is one of the things that sparks my curiosity about each of my clients. When clients come to me, they are often in a sad or confusing or frightening chapter of their lives. The goals we establish in therapy involve making changes to the way the story goes.

As I listen to your story or your definition of the problem you are having, I, of course, want to understand what you are saying, but I also want to hear what is not being said, or even potentially not being considered. Therein lie the seeds of change.

Sometimes problems are easy to identify, but sometimes they are not -the only thing you know is that you are not happy. Understanding your past can inform the difficulty you are having in the present, but that is only part of the process. Clarifying how the past and present are different experiences is also important for making positive changes.