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Family work is rich. We are the way we are, in large part, because our families of origin made us that way. However, we don’t have to be stuck there if we don’t like it. Recognizing familial patterns and deciding whether or not these work for you is a large part of my work. Is your role in the family one you are comfortable with?

Family work can be exciting and rewarding. How each of you relates to each other will inform our work, whether it is a very small interaction or a full -blown conflict. It may be that you, as parents, are in conflict with your children, or your kids are fighting with each other. One member of the family may be in particular distress. Family therapy is so effective in helping people change the way they interact with other people because the therapist has access to the whole system (Minuchin, 1974; Nichols, 2000; Dallos, Draper, 2000) What one of you does – say, a reaction to someone’s comment – immediately effects the others. Small shifts in behaviors can lead to big changes.

In my family practice, I specialize in families with twins. The twin relationship is a unique connection with its own gifts and challenges. I also specialize in adoption. In fulfillment of my doctorate, I wrote a case study about my extensive work with an adoptive family and the positive change they made in their lives.

Your family often possesses many resources that you may not realize you have or may have forgotten were there.